Question: How to install this software?
Answer: This software is portable version. No installation needed.

Question: How can I activate SVR donate edition?
Answer: To activate donate edition you need to send donation to donate address in donate page. After than send me an email with donation proof attached in the email. donate key to activate SVR donate edition will send to you within 72 hours (office hours). Information Required in email:
1. Name for registration
2. Valid Email
3. Donation Proof

Question: I Lost my donation key.
Answer: To get back your donation key, please send me an email using your registered email, In that email please provide registered name and donation date.

Question: Why my key blacklisted?
Answer: donate key will blacklisted if you share to other person or illegal donate key.

Question: What is different between Lite, Free and Donate Edition?
Answer: you can read product comparison here.

Question: Why my antivirus detect this software as virus or malware?
Answer: If your Anti-Virus program detect this software as malware, virus or spyware just ignore it. It's positive false alert because this software codes was encrypted and packed same packer used to pack viruses. Please make sure you download from this website or official download mirror (Softpedia and Majorgeeks) to avoid fake software or software injected with viruses.

Question: I have activated SVR Donate trial and it's working but my license are not working to other PC.
Answer: Trial key for LOCAL PC only. You can't use trial license from other PC to other PC. Same reason why I disabled SVR Installer in Trial.

Question: Can you help me to fix shortcut viruses from my system via remote desktop?
Answer: For now I did'nt provide any tech support but you can ask me anything if you have any problem with my shortcut virus remover.

Question: How can I concact you (Programmer)?
Answer: You can contact me via contact form in this website, email or my official facebook page.